Domaine Haut-Ventenac

Domaine Haut Ventenac: a Bordeaux wine as close as possible to the environment

Created in 2019 by two friends who are passionate about wine, Domaine Haut Ventenac is a gem in the Bordeaux region that combines a vision of modern and sustainable agriculture. Located on the right bank of the Gironde, in the Francs Côtes de Bordeaux appellation, the estate produces red and rosé wines, the fruit of innovative and environmentally friendly vine cultivation for the greatest pleasure of oenophiles.

Portrait of the winegrowers of the Haut Ventenac estate


The history of Domaine Haut Ventenac began several decades ago in the heart of Gironde. Originally, it was a farm practicing mixed farming where various plantations and agricultural activities were carried out: livestock breeding, cereal cultivation, logging... However, it was in 1991 that the estate began its viticultural orientation then that Michel Bucherie takes the lead. Believing fervently in the potential of his terroir, he decided to devote himself entirely to it and considerably expanded the size of the vineyard, which then reached 16 hectares. At the time, its yields were sent to the local cooperative cellar which then took care of the winemaking. In 2019, Rémi, son of Michel Bucherie, took over the reins of the property accompanied by his friend Grégoire, whom he met during his viticulture and oenology studies. Gathering their knowledge, they join forces with the management of the estate to produce wines that resemble them: modern, responsible and tasty.


The vines of Domaine Haut Ventenac are divided into 22 plots within a single vineyard. They are located on the plateau of the Francs Côtes de Bordeaux appellation, the smallest appellation in the region. Reflecting the right bank, we find a grape variety dominated by Merlot which represents 80% of the vines planted. The remaining 20% ​​is divided equally between cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon. The clay-limestone and loamy soils are entirely conducive to the harmonious development of the vines which produce berries with interesting aromatic potential, which will produce fresh, balanced and delicious wines. Preserving the environment is at the center of the concerns of the two winegrowers who have then implemented farming practices that respect the soil, plants and surrounding biodiversity. Converting to organic farming since 2021, the two friends have always been keen to listen to their vines by maintaining a course of action that is as non-interventionist as possible in order to promote more natural cultivation. This philosophy pushed them to carry out experiments on certain plots with the aim of testing the reactions of the vines to a variety of methods aimed at producing the best possible wine in optimal conditions.


Domaine Haut Ventenac vinifies four vintages including a rosé wine. Sporting inspiring names, we first find “ L’Authentique ”. Red wine synonymous with sharing, it is characterized by notes of black fruits. Its intense and elegant taste will accompany tapas as well as a piece of red meat. “ L'Autrement ” for its part is an innovative wine which breaks a little from the codes of traditional viticulture because it does not include sulphites in the winemaking process. It will then surprise you with the purity of its flavors. “ L’Audacieux ” is a wine with subtle woody notes. Made from aging in new barrels, it brings aromas of tobacco, wild strawberries and spices. Finally, “ L'Aurore ” is the rosé cuvée which recalls Provence with its deliciousness and freshness which give it balance.

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