Château la Grave, vignoble du Minervois

Château la Grave: In the heart of Minervois

Château la Grave was the first wine estate to trust us when we came to meet them in June 2017 with a startup project in mind.
At the end of the tarmac path, we find Jean-François Orosquette, a passionate and exciting independent winemaker who shares these methods and his know-how with us.

Château la Grave, vineyard

“You don’t become a winemaker, you have it in your skin from a very young age”

he explains to us. It is no coincidence that this charismatic character produces quality wines with the deepest respect for traditions and the terroir.
Today, Le Chant des Caves could not have seen the light of day without the trust of its winegrowers and in part that of Jean-François and his family whose kindness and advice have accompanied us for two years already.

A unique terroir

The area exudes a special atmosphere which gives us the feeling of returning to childhood. The smell of conifers intertwined with the flavors of scrubland, all bathed in rich sunshine, nestled between pine forest and wild land near the charming village of Badens, Château La Grave benefits from privileged conditions.

Built on gravelly terrain in the heart of the Minervois appellation, the estate's vines provide quality grapes over nearly 95 hectares between Carcassonne and Narbonne. The very windy region requires rigor and know-how in these arid Minerva lands.

Quality wines

Working around selected grape varieties is essential to satisfy a large clientele. There we find ancestral grape varieties such as Carignan and Syrah which are the pride and identity of the Languedoc inhabitants, then more timid grape varieties subsequently established such as Grenache, Mourvèdre and Macabeu.
The estate produces superior quality AOP Minervois white wines and reds that do not go unnoticed.

The top of the range of the estate, the red Cuvée Privilège offers clear notes of red fruits, the nose is frank and harmonious and pleasant tannins with roundness and lots of aromas on the palate. It will accompany your robust and tasty regional dishes, meats in sauces and even game.

The white Cuvée Expression which obtains the maximum score in our quality/price ranking is a light and versatile wine, it has the spirit of a great wine at a very affordable price.

Jean-François will also recommend the Tristan et Julien vintage, a young and light wine on the palate, to drink slightly chilled with summer grills or light spring dishes.

It is not difficult to find the right shoe when you stop at the estate and browse the range on offer. And if you don't have the opportunity to travel through the Minervois, it is not uncommon to find representatives of the La Grave estate at the various French wine shows.

Château la Grave & Le Chant des Caves

Since that day, when we first parked our car in the gravel courtyard of the Estate, the wines of Château la Grave have had a special place in our selection. At each tasting and for each vintage, we feel all the love for the terroir, viticulture and winemaking that drives these Languedoc winegrowers.

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