Geoffrey Chevalier

Geoffrey Chevalier, Burgundian richness and complexity

Spread over 4.7 hectares , Geoffrey Chevalier's estate offers tasty wines resulting from hard work in the different climates that Burgundy offers . He perpetuates the family wine tradition with respect and pride and continues to pursue excellence through the various methods and practices he puts in place. His concern for the environment and his actions in this direction make him a young winemaker to follow who will not fail to surprise us with ever more innovative vintages.

Geoffrey Chevalier

A family heritage with great potential

In the family for five generations , the estate that Geoffrey Chevalier operates today was managed for many years by his grandfather, Henry Vincent, using traditional methods of viticulture and winemaking. It was in 1996 that their father, Gérard Chevalier, decided to take over management of the operation, leaving his native Normandy. Geoffrey was then parachuted into southern Burgundy where he had very little interest in vines. However, at the end of his secondary school cycle, he turned his higher education towards oenology. Once he graduated, he decided to take over the family estate in order to exploit its richness and complexity. He began his own adventure in 2012 and today continues his efforts to offer rich wines appreciated by as many people as possible .

A committed viticulture

From the beginning, the choice of organic cultivation made sense for Geoffrey Chevalier who does not consider viticulture without respect for the environment. Indeed, he cannot conceive that we can degrade an ecosystem whose richness is necessary for the good management of the vine and therefore considers his viticultural practices under a holistic spectrum aiming at the preservation of nature in its entirety. The adaptation of the methods used was then done gradually to allow the vines to adapt to the changes implemented. So in 2014, Geoffrey Chevalier began in-depth work on the soil in order to restore his grandfather's work and return to healthy viticulture bases. In 2016, the young winemaker began to have his approach recognized and certified and has now been certified organic since the 2020 vintage .

He also applies basic principles of respect for the raw material in the second part of the process: winemaking. Indeed, the grapes are harvested manually and pressed as gently as possible using the winery's state-of-the-art equipment. Finally, in order to take the approach even further, Geoffrey Chevalier excludes sulphites from the aging process which is done in various containers and for varied durations.

Varied and delicious wines

Geoffrey Chevalier vinifies the vast majority of white wines from the Pouilly-Fuissé , Pouilly-Loché , Mâcon-Chaintré and Mâcon-Fuissé appellations. Produced from 100% of the Chardonnay grape variety , these vintages however differ in their aromas and their power thanks to the diversity of the climates from which they come. Indeed, the terroir has a huge influence on the type of wines produced and the winemaking processes also contribute to the creation of unique wines. Thus, some are aged in undergrowth while others are aged in stainless steel vats to preserve the fruitiness and aromatics of the Chardonnay. The result is however similar: a delight!

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