Philippe Cheurlin, vigneron des Champagnes de Lozey

Champagne De Lozey, a prestigious house

Today, we decided to tell you about one of our favorite Champagne winemakers, Maison De Lozey. The estate is managed with expertise and modernity by a true gentleman and I have named: Philippe Cheurlin .
Authentic, traditional, elegant, with a sparkling look towards the future, Philippe is the perfect example of the Champagne winemaker of the 21st century. Add to that a kindness and an intangible love for his profession. Philippe is also someone with whom it is always a pleasure to talk until you lose track of time.

Philippe Cheurlin, winemaker of Lozey champagnes

“Each of our Champagnes is unique, it has its identity, its personality, and its charm. Ambassador of his land and our values, he is a creator of moments of life and sharing. »

Philippe Cheurlin, General Manager - Champagne de Lozey

A family estate

The estate is located in the small town of Celles-sur-Ource, on the slopes of the famous Côte des Bar. Located in the south of Champagne, a few kilometers from Troyes, the vines extend over an area of ​​almost 15 hectares.
For four generations, the Cheurlin family has learned to make authentic champagnes of very high quality on these lands.
However, in this small Champagne village, where everyone is almost cousins, some more distant than others, they all have the same surname: Cheurlin. So how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you make yourself known when you have so many beautiful things to tell? Philippe wishing to preserve his own identity, that created by his father and grandfather before him. He then decided to create a new brand that would reconcile tradition and modernity. This is how de Lozey was born.

An exceptional terroir

The Côte des Bar terroir, in the Aube department, is unique. 8,000 hectares of vines are planted there, or a quarter of the surface area of ​​Champagne. The numerous rivers that make up this region have carved out magnificent valleys over time.
Limestone and chalk soils are two essential elements of the quality of Champagnes. The climate is mainly continental, characterized by cold winters (and sometimes destructive frosts) and very sunny summers, while the presence of the Atlantic Ocean not far away brings a slight mildness tinged with marked humidity.
Philippe and his team practice reasoned and sustainable viticulture at the very heart of their identity.

Delicate and elegant Champagnes

On the Champagne market, a handful of prestigious houses dominate, and it is sometimes difficult to find a place. Maison De Lozey excels at creating quality Champagnes. By often asserting a beautiful complexity, they always maintain great elegance. This personality is the result of diligent work, in the vineyards and in the cellars.

Among their range, you will find what you are looking for, and much more…

Tradition is the signature vintage of Lozey champagnes, deliciously fruity, energetic, and easy to taste. This champagne comes from a fabulous marriage of pinot noir and chardonnay blended with reserve wines.
Traditional, but far from classic! It will give you everything you expect from a champagne and more.

Blanc de Blancs is a Champagne of great finesse and unparalleled delicacy. Made from a 100% Chardonnay blend, the aromas of flowers and white fruits combine gently. As an aperitif or as an accompaniment to a dessert, it offers a nice length in the mouth.

If you like rosé champagnes, you will love the Rosé de Saignée cuvée, elegant, bold and overflowing with fruit and sweet flavors. It will delight your taste buds! Take the time to observe its color because this intense pink dress also deserves your full attention.

Extra Brut combines power and delicacy... Nothing more to say, for those who love natural Champagne, it's the perfect choice!

Finally, a rare vintage that is just waiting for you to express all its character, the 2008 Vintage is one of those memorable years. She offers us an elegant and complex Extra Brut Champagne which reveals itself in a ravishing pale yellow and crystalline color.

And an exceptional vintage...

Finally, but not least, the Cuvée des Gentlemen , our unmissable favorite. This prestigious champagne with a subtle dosage has been specially designed to obtain a perfect balance between maturity, refinement and dynamism.

Produced in very limited quantities (only 1500 bottles), it reflects the terroir, patience and the art of blending. This Champagne is the result of significant work in selecting the best clusters, the richest terroirs and the most eloquent reserve wines. Today, the vintage is a blend from 1995 to 2005 enhanced with Chardonnay from 2006.

Expert assembly and careful aging have allowed it to develop its own and unique character commensurate with the work accomplished.
To please, or to please yourself, a real gem, which we can only recommend.

Taste a Lozey Champagne

Tasting a Champagne from Lozey means participating in the history of this estate and contributing to the reputation of its winemaker. A Champagne from Lozey is also the assurance of a quality champagne for all occasions. Finally, Lozey Champagnes are Terra Vitis labeled champagnes, respectful of the environment and from sustainable viticulture.

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