Domaine du Carrelet

Domaine du Carrelet: a Bordeaux wine made in family

Created in 2017, Domaine du Carrelet is a family operation bringing together a father and son around the cultivation of vines. In the heart of Bordeaux, in the Bordeaux appellation, passion and respect for the environment unite them in the development of a cuvée reflecting its terroir of the highest quality.

Jeremy, winemaker at Domaine du Carrelet


Domaine du Carrelet was born from the desire of a father and his son to join forces in their professional activities. The father, Frédéric, has been a professional winemaker for more than 30 years and already manages an estate in the region. The son, Jérémy, is a state sailor and has always been passionate about vines, partly thanks to his father who allowed him to immerse himself in the industry from a very young age. It was in 2017 that they took the plunge and acquired two hectares of vines in the Bordeaux appellation. Both have kept their initial jobs but are giving body and soul to this ambitious project so dear to their hearts. The first vintage was released the same year as the property was acquired, which is largely oriented towards sustainable agriculture. The love of the land is combined with the conviviality which characterizes the family and which gave its name to the estate. Indeed, during large family gatherings, the family finds itself on the square it owns in the Gironde estuary. It is this environment between land and sea that is the Domaine du Carrelet.


Manual work. He is the key word on exploitation. In fact, all work in the vineyard is carried out by hand: from pruning to harvesting, including trellising. It is from this meticulousness that the grapes are optimally ripe at the end of the cycle. Each vine is carefully observed throughout the year in order to adapt cultural practices to each particular case. The know-how of the winegrower is an integral part of the terroir, just like the soil and the climate. Domaine du Carrelet is fortunate to enjoy an idyllic location, very close to the village of Saint-Émilion. The poor loam and sand soils force the vines to root deeply to draw up nutrients and grow stronger, while the relatively warm climate is regularly tempered by rainfall and other maritime influences. All on a vineyard in conversion to organic farming: what more could you ask for?


From this winning blend is born the Domaine du Carrelet vintage. Certified by the Bordeaux appellation, it guarantees a wine made 100% with Merlot, the region's emblematic grape variety. Vinified in concrete vats then aged in oak barrels, it develops notes of fresh fruit with aromas of cherry. The round mouth extends in length, supported by a refreshing acidity. The pepper comes to the fore for a grandiose finale which concludes a high-end tasting.

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