Domaine Allegria

Domaine Allegria: wines of happiness!

We take great pleasure in working with Ghislain and Domaine Allegria , and are very happy to present to you this area which is particularly close to our hearts due to its commitment and kindness.

Allegria means joy in Occitan!

Their objective ? Communicate in their wines their joie de vivre, their happiness, their good vibes.
It is in this spirit that Domaine Allegria was created in 2008 , the result of a Franco-Argentinian friendship: on the one hand the passion and enthusiasm of the Aboville family, at the head of a tribe of five children ; on the other, Roberto de la Mota, one of the greatest Argentine oenologists.

Two years of research on the Mediterranean rim led Ghislain and Delphine d'Aboville to settle in Languedoc, on the Pézenas terroir : the 9 hectare vineyard backed by the Baumes volcano is the place to realize this dream.
Upon their arrival in 2008, they decided to convert the entire vineyard to organic farming , an obvious choice for them. For various reasons: philosophical, gastronomic, poetic, family, but the most important reason is their conviction that drinking organic wine is better for all of our bodies, even if no scientific study can truly prove it.
Domaine Allegria goes even beyond this to be entirely environmentally friendly through their choice of wooden architecture for the winery.

The Allegria estate vineyard

The nine hectares consist of various Mediterranean grape varieties, such as Syrah , Mourvèdre , Carignan and finally, Cinsault . On the white side, there are two emigrants from the Rhône: Roussane and Marsanne . The soils have been deeply disturbed by volcanic activity, and the vineyard is of great diversity, we find terraces of Villafranchian gravel, basalt pebbles or white marls a few meters away.
As for vinification, each plot is vinified separately, in order to preserve the personality of each of them until assembly. The red grape varieties are vinified in raw concrete vats, the thermal inertia being a major advantage for the post-fermentation macerations which must be carried out at more than 20°C. Most wines are not sulphated during vinification and aging, which allows few sulphites to be added only at bottling; Cinsault Abuelo, for its part, is bottled without added sulphites, preserving the natural purity of the fruit.

Discover their wines…

You probably already know Petits Bonheurs, the only one who was in the shop when we started working with the estate, a light, endearing Pays de Caux and somewhat naive , with him, there's a guaranteed smile, there's just look at the name!
For summer, or not for that matter, Dolce Vita, a rosé full of lightness and flavors , which can be shared with friends, family, or even lovers... in short, everywhere, and all the time!
Les Hautes Lumières, with aromas of fresh fruit and vine peach from Marsanne, and honeyed and ripe notes from Roussanne: a balanced and harmonious white Languedoc.
As mentioned a little above, Cinsault Abuelo is a wine without added sulphites, with notes of cherries, all finesse and elegance .
Carignan Gourmand, as you will have guessed from its name, is delicious and long in the mouth : from a very small plot of old Carignan, a rarity to be discovered for many years.
Finally, let yourself be tempted by Mourvèdre Pepper, 100% Mourvèdre, an immense Mediterranean grape variety, it enchants us with its peppery notes and its lovely aging potential .

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