Nos sélections de vin pour votre mariage

Our selections for your wedding!

You are planning your wedding and you are probably asking yourself a million questions about your dress or your suit, the perfect caterer, the photographer who will be able to immortalize this day, the location etc... And because we know that it there are a lot of things to think about and organize, we'll give you a little help on the big question of wine !

This will depend, as you probably know, on your meal, the goal being to enhance your dishes as much as possible. However, we can already help you orient yourself on the different tastes...

Bubbles for the cocktail!

Whether you are making a reception or a cocktail, Champagne is obviously the favorite of this introduction. Of course, depending on your budget, you might as well opt for a Crémant , which retains the festive aspect of the bubbles! In both cases, choose a fruity and light Champagne or Crémant brut in order to delight all of your guests.
You can also opt for a punch or a cocktail , and this is also the time for homemade, present them in 3 to 5L jars, I promise, there will be none left!

Rather red wine or white wine?

Why choose ? Depending on your starter and your main course, you can very well offer both! Allow one bottle for two guests for red wine and one bottle for four guests for white wine.
Opt for a fairly light red wine, neither too tannic nor too powerful , which will please as many people as possible. If you are serving fish, choose a rather dry white wine ; for duck, choose a rather sweet red wine. It is essential to keep in mind that the wine accompanies the dish, and not the other way around!

At Le Chant des Caves, we offer several “duos” of wines:

  • The "Minervois" : with L'Expression , a dry and delicate white wine with aromas of flowers and Tristan et Julien , a young and light red wine on the palate.

  • “Provence” : with Charmentin , a floral white wine with a Mediterranean taste and Fanfaron , a fresh and delicious red wine.

  • The "Val de Loire" : with the Coteaux d'Ancenis appellation, a subtly mellow white wine with charming aromas of ripe fruits and white flowers and a supple and light red wine with aromas of red fruits.

  • The "Languedoc" : with Les Hautes Lumières , a white wine with aromas of fresh fruit and vine peaches and Petits Bonheurs , a light and endearing red wine.

Everything is obviously modular, and to do this, simply contact us, and it's here: .

Let's celebrate!

Make way for the wedding cake, the wedding cake or the farandole of desserts, whatever your choice, we recommend a return to bubbles . Save the punches and other cocktails for the aperitif, your guests will have already drunk and eaten well, and may not have much desire for strong alcohol. A Champagne or a Crémant, then, again. And why not opt ​​for a rosé, to vary the pleasures?

So... Ready to say yes?

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