Crémant versus Champagne

Crémant ou Champagne : Comment les différencier ?

You are no doubt used to accompanying your parties and occasions with fine bubbles. Aren't they our allies when there is something to celebrate!?
So, are you more into Crémant or Champagne?
The first, often criticized in relation to the second, still has nothing to be ashamed of by the comparison. Today we explain to you the differences between these two sparkling wines. And above all why it is important not to consider Crémant as an “imitation of Champagne”.

Their origin

First of all, they don't come from the same place... Crémant is produced in seven wine regions: Alsace, Val de Loire, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Languedoc-Roussillon, Jura and Savoie. Whereas Champagne is only produced… in Champagne. Yes, yes, it's true ! This may seem obvious today, but it was not always so.

Their realization

The way they are produced is also similar; winemakers use the same process to make their sparkling wines. We talk about “traditional method”, or even “champenoise method”, but the latter term is only used… in Champagne (Are you still following?)
On the other hand, the winemaking process is not quite the same. It is more complex in Champagne, because the appellation is very regulated. For example, the aging time is longer for Champagne: 12 months minimum. While as a general rule it is 9 to 12 months for Crémants.

Their signature

The grapes used end up deciding them. A Champagne is necessarily made from the three Champagne grape varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Pinot meunier. While a Crémant can be made from many more grape varieties. Crémants are generally composed of a Chardonnay base, which the winemaker combines with local grape varieties, in order to give it unique flavors.
For example, Merceron Martin's Crémant de Loire is made from only 15% Chardonnay, the rest being Cabernet Franc and Chenin.

In summary...

Champagne is considered the luxury wine par excellence, and due to its very controlled specifications, it will remain “a sure value”. Crémant, for its part, will offer tastes and flavors that are sometimes similar while being unique, and has the clear advantage of price, which allows you to indulge on a smaller budget.
So, no discrimination, we love Crémant and Champagne!

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