6 astuces pour trouver le meilleur vin pour votre mariage

6 tips for finding the best wine for your wedding

The wedding is a beautiful project, and its organization, a great challenge... Among all the little things you have to think about during this period, there is wine. What is the best wine for your wedding? And how to choose it? How not to make a mistake? That’s a good question!

Here we give you some tips for choosing the best wine for your wedding !

1 - Start by choosing your menu

This may seem obvious, but the main objective of wine is to accompany your meal ... and not the other way around! Will you eat red meat? white meat? Fish ? Will you need red wine? white wine? or both? All these questions will help you know and understand the flavors you are looking for, and thus find the best wine for your wedding.

2 – Get help

Get help from the service provider (or the winemaker if you already know him) to direct you to the wines that may suit you, based on your desires, your tastes and especially your menu. At Le Chant des Caves, we offer you tailor-made selections based on your dishes !

3 – Enjoy

Don’t hesitate to taste several wines! Your palate will be your best ally. Remember: it's YOUR wedding, so the most important thing is that you like the wine. Also remember to ask your loved ones for advice on participating if you are hesitant!

4 – There is good wine everywhere

Don’t limit yourself to a region or an appellation. Stay true to your tastes but open-minded : there is good wine everywhere! And who knows, maybe the best wine for your wedding isn't where you thought it would be!

5 – Plan for it in your budget

We sometimes forget it… but wine represents a budget in your wedding . And like everything, wine has been subject to strong increases in recent years. So plan a budget based on the number of people who will be invited to the wedding and try to stick to it as much as possible.
There are always ways to save money: for bubbles, you can opt for crémant instead of champagne for your cocktail or dessert. Crémant is generally half the price of a bottle of Champagne. You can also buy from the estate directly if you live near wine-growing regions to reduce delivery costs.

6 – Follow the tasting advice

Each wine has its own identity card and you have to trust it to avoid making a mistake. The first criterion is the color of the wine; we do not serve red wine and white wine in the same way, particularly with regard to the serving temperature. If you have a caterer for your meal, they will be able to handle all of this very well! If you don't have a caterer, this will require some logistics, and that's to be expected.
Next, think about the vintage. Depending on the regions, appellations, grape varieties and winemaking techniques, no two wines will age in the same way. It is important to choose the vintage carefully, neither too young nor too old.

Finding the perfect wine can take time ... To facilitate this step and organize your event with complete peace of mind, it is essential to be accompanied by a professional.

Take the time to browse our catalog of wines and champagnes from small winegrowers , and do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project. We also offer discovery boxes with a personalized selection of bottles to taste! All you have to do is taste your wines as a couple or with your family and make your choice... the best wine for your wedding is surely hidden somewhere in our store!

In Paris, we can also organize a tasting with us , in order to receive our advice directly.

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