Vin et Chandeleur, quel bonheur !

Wines and Candlemas, what joy!

This weekend, for Candlemas, we will all be eating pancakes or crepes. As everyone knows, this Breton specialty is usually accompanied by cider, but can we also accompany it with wine?
- Of course ! And we will prove it to you!

On the savory side...

If you are more of a “Norwegian” pancake - salmon and chive cream, we recommend a dry white wine, but not too dry, a fruity wine, which will allow you to appreciate the flavor of the pancake without distorting your delicious fish. . The perfect wine? A semi-dry Anjou, with Le Brin de Fou , from Château du Fresne.

Are you more of a sweet and savory person with a combination of blue cheese and pear in your pancake? We dare to use a sweet white wine, to enhance the taste of blue cheese, while accompanying the sweetness of the pear. For this, we offer you a Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh with L'Aydasse , from Château du Pouey.

Are you more classic and would you prefer a “3 cheese”? Goat ? Emmental? Blue ? Camembert? Or even more! Nothing like a red wine with a little body to accompany this marriage of flavors. Let yourself be tempted by a Saint-Chinian, with the Causse du Bousquet , from Mas Champart.

...And on the sweet side.

Crepes with sugar, chocolate or even salted butter caramel will go superbly with a sparkling wine. Rather white with a Crémant d'Alsace from Domaine Mittnacht Frères, or rather rosé with the ancestral Tentation method from Domaine Merceron Martin.

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