Une jolie idée d'upcycling

A nice upcycling idea

Some time ago, we discovered Septembres, a young company that makes pretty products, ranging from candles, to vases and tapas glasses, including magnificent decorative lamps... made from wine bottles ... yes yes!
So we wanted to tell you a little about it, because at Le Chant des Caves, we find the idea and the execution brilliant…

But what is upcycling?

Upcycling, or surcyclage in French, is the act of transforming an object that has become useless (like a bottle of wine, once it has been drunk) in order to give it a new life. Unlike recycling where we seek to recover raw materials from the destruction of waste in order to transform them, upcycling focuses on the object itself, striving to reuse it without necessarily destroy it.

From the bottle of wine to the designer lamp...

Thomas, founder of Septembres, then decided to get started! Transform bottles and crates that have become useless... into original decorative objects .

After several months of work and testing bottle cuts (and we had to drink a few!), their first product: the Jane lamp, saw the light of day.

But Septembres doesn't stop there: they use the wine bottle as a whole. The top becomes a lamp, and the bottom, a tapas glass.

All the bottles are collected from Bordeaux restaurateurs and associations, then are washed, cut and sanded in the Septembres workshop, which is also located in Bordeaux.

An ethical, responsible and local product . So… will you let yourself be tempted?

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