Recette de Spritz

Spritz: the original recipe

The sun and summer have arrived, and what could be better than a Spritz to accompany your afterwork? But yes, you see: the Venetian cocktail with its beautiful orange color, on all the tables on the terraces! But… why deprive yourself of a Spritz when you're at home?! We give you THE recipe for the flagship summer cocktail , and you'll see, there's nothing complicated!

The original Spritz recipe

Ingredients :

  • Prosecco
  • Aperol
  • sparkling water
  • Orange slices.

Preparation :

For a glass, put two or three ice cubes in your glass, pour 6 cl of Prosecco, 4 cl of Aperol and a little bit of sparkling water. Then dip in a slice of orange, and… Enjoy!

It's simple, right?!

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