Que boire pour le dessert ?

What to drink for dessert?

We often talk about food/wine pairings ... with barbecues , festive meals , meats, seafood or even crepes ! But we don’t talk (enough) often about wine and dessert pairings . Because it's also important to know what to bring out at the end of the meal... Today, we tell you everything you need to know about combining the best wine with your delicious desserts!

For gourmands, chocolate lovers, from soft chocolate to chocolate mousse, we will appreciate a rather sweet wine to enhance the strong character of the chocolate. Try a Coteaux du Layon , or even a natural sweet red wine such as Maury or Banyuls – let us know what you’re up to!

Apple desserts, tatin or crumble tarts, will go quite well with a Crémant de Loire or a Cider, but sweet, please!

Fan of lemon meringue pie? This one is not easy because of the acidity of the lemon... You have to play here on the sweetness of a natural sweet wine but which must also be mineral. Muscat will be the ideal choice, plus, as a general rule, there are notes of candied lemons. Try Copains Copines from Domaine Mittnacht Frères!

Now let's move on to red fruit desserts... we will taste them with sweet and rather young red wines with few tannins. Try our Tristan et Julien from Château la Grave, or even Carignan Gourmand from Domaine Allegria.

And the Champagne in all this?! Tasting Champagne with dessert is a historic affair… there was a time when Champagne had a high sugar content, so it was perfect to finish a meal. As winegrowers adapt to our changing tastes, champagnes are today less and less sweet... but that in no way prevents champagne from remaining very popular with dessert. Besides, we are the first fans!

You now know everything to accompany your desserts with the perfect wine… so – what are you going to taste now?!

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