PLOC, l'appli des épicuvins

PLOC, the epicuvins app

We've been wanting to talk about PLOC for a long time, the best application for managing your wine cellar (in complete objectivity!)... for lovers of wine, and of life! Created in 2016 by Myriam and Matthieu, PLOC is a mobile application that brings a new perspective to wine cellar management. It combines ease of use, practicality, and last but not least, a clean and friendly design which makes it unique and differentiating!

How it works ?
Once the application is installed and your account is created, you are now creating your wine cellar. A first little bonus, but not the least, the application includes an option to convert an already existing cellar (Open Cellar, Excel, Vivino or CellarTracker) to PLOC format.
But if like us, you are starting with PLOC, nothing could be simpler!

First step: Find your wine. If the wine file is not yet listed (which can happen, given the great diversity of wine in the world), you can send a small alert so that this file is created. You can also enter the information manually in a blank form, but we really recommend having the form created, it's quite quick and reliable!

Then comes the creation of the cellar itself. You design a cellar as close as possible to yours, by customizing the number of rows, locations, the direction in which the bottles are stored, etc. Everything is configurable and modular, and we love that!

All you have to do is maintain your cellar monitoring. Enter the wines you buy or are offered to you, take out the ones you taste, and you can even add an occasion to that: Pleasure , Gift , Friday , or even... Because !

Le Chant des Caves and PLOC have joined forces to make your life even easier: order your bottles on our site, and receive your wine sheets directly in your PLOC.
What more ?!

If you want to know more or discover the application, don't hesitate to take a look at their website !

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