Notre recette de vin chaud - testé et approuvé !

Our mulled wine recipe - tested and approved!

Although this year Christmas does not have the same flavor as usual, what could be better than the smells and aromas of the timeless mulled wine to warm your body and heart? Here is a quick and simple recipe for spending evenings by the fire or under your blanket.

Mulled wine recipe

You will need - for 4 people:

- A red wine bottle
- 125 grams of brown sugar
- 1 orange cut into slices
- 2 cinnamon sticks
- 2 cloves
- 1 star anise (star anise)

The rest is simple:

Pour the wine into a saucepan and add all the ingredients. Let everything heat up over low heat for thirty minutes, without ever bringing it to a boil!
Filter the wine with a strainer and serve in individual glasses!
If by some miracle you have some left... mulled wine keeps very well for a week, as long as it is sealed tightly. Just pour it back into a pan to reheat.

How to choose your wine?

Generally speaking, it is not useful to have a great vintage to prepare your mulled wine. Choose a rather young and fruity wine, and avoid a wine that is too powerful and too tannic. As for grape varieties, Gamay, Merlot or even Mourvèdre will do the job perfectly!

Good tasting !

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