Nos conseils pour boire du Champagne cet été

Our advice for drinking Champagne this summer

What if you enjoyed a bottle of champagne to celebrate the holidays?
Here are our tips for taking full advantage of these wonderful aromas under the sun.

Keep the bottle cool

Each bottle of champagne is composed of an explosion of very particular flavors and aromas. To preserve its main qualities, you must keep your bottles of Champagne at a constant temperature around 10°C before opening. To do this, remember to bring them back from the cellar the day before the big day.
Be careful not to put it in the freezer before tasting!

To the server the service

Never fill your glass completely, half will be enough. This space in the glass allows the development of aromas and scents. Unlike wine, Champagne needs peace and quiet, so don't swirl your glass, this will cause the bubbles and taste to escape.

Use an ice bucket

Directly after the first serving, immerse the bottle in an ice water bath. The ice bucket will allow you to enjoy your bottle and all the aromas of champagne for the second round or for latecomers.

Complete darkness in the cellar

Light is harmful to wines, especially white wines and sparkling wines, as well as Champagne, since ultraviolet rays degrade the tannins and end up giving a taste of rotten eggs. So make sure to leave your cellar in the dark and hide any outside light if necessary. To avoid bumping into things when picking up your bottles, choose the installation of low-power lamps.

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