Les accords mets/vins de Noël

Christmas food/wine pairings

New Year's Eve on the 24th, family meals on Christmas Day and all the following ones leading up to New Year's Eve are all opportunities to accompany your refined dishes with suitable wines. The combination of food and wine in the mouth is essential to flatter the best cooks.
Find out what to share our selection of small winegrowers with during these wonderful moments of conviviality during this end-of-year holiday season.

The essential seafood

Oysters, very popular with end-of-year meals, are best accompanied with a dry wine with tangy notes. This combination will bring out the iodized aspect of the oyster, especially if you add a few drops of lemon. Also note that this agreement is applicable to starters based on salmon or smoked trout.
The team's advice for seafood is Riesling from Domaine Mittnacht-Frères.

The essential foie gras of the South-West

In some homes, it is impossible to imagine a Christmas without foie gras, which takes us back to the origins of Chant des Caves (and yes, before moving to the Paris region for logistical convenience, our small business was born in Toulouse), here, foie gras is a bit like the church in the center of the village in rugby jargon. Its finesse and proportions on the palate are perfect and the combination par excellence consists of a round and sweet white wine with powerful aromas that we will find in sweet wines from the South-West or the Angevine region.
Let's stay in the South-West with our Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh , vinified by the very talented Bastien, winemaker of Château du Pouey.

Consistency dishes

They can be composed of different favorite dishes: whether you prefer meat or fish, the food and wine pairings will be strongly impacted. If indulgence is the order of the day and you opt for both dishes, don't hesitate to open a different wine for each dish.
On the land side, dishes based on game or beef, with a powerful taste, should be accompanied by a tannic red wine with body. We then offer you a wine from the Rhône: Le Vacqueyras from Domaine Chamfort. Poultry: turkey or capon can be enjoyed with lighter but no less fruity reds. Our little gem straight from Beaujolais Le Pisse-Vieille from Domaine Bertrand will be the perfect pairing.
On the sea side, for dishes based on white fish or seafood such as American-style lobster or scallops, fragrant, floral and light white wines such as Effrontée from Domaine de Vénus will be favored.

Let’s finish in style with the Yule log

We prefer it to chocolate for its aromatic power enhanced with tangy red berries. Those with a sweet tooth will add dried fruit and whipped cream. This sweet dessert will be accompanied by a natural sweet wine full of indulgence and freshness. L'Envie from Domaine de Vénus will be present on the tables of the Le Chant des Caves team for these holidays.

For further

For example, we could offer you a festive meal exclusively with champagne. It’s about playing on the powers, sweetness and aromas of our different Champagnes to accompany Christmas dishes.

The concept of a Christmas meal with Alsace wines may be worth considering. We will find a Riesling with seafood while a Gewurztraminer will be shared with foie gras. The Pinot Blanc will accompany the main dishes and the Crémant d'Alsace will finish off delighting those with a sweet tooth at the end of the meal.

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