Comment nettoyer une tâche de vin ?

How to clean a wine stain?

We have all one day been faced with the terrible stain of red wine on a white tablecloth! Or even worse... on clothing, white or not! And at that moment, while dinner or the evening is in full swing, we are a little helpless... Between grandmother's recipes and false good ideas, it's difficult to find our way... So today, we give you some tips to get rid of a wine stain . Red wine stains more than white wine or rosé, but these tips apply to different colors and different types of wine!

The first thing to know: avoid salt . Indeed, contrary to popular belief, coarse salt will not absorb the liquid and will tend, on the contrary, to fix the stain. In addition, it risks damaging your clothing, and of course, that is not the intended goal.

Be responsive . The longer you wait, the more the stain will stick to the stitches of the fabric and the more complicated it will be to get rid of it!

A technique that comes up often is to sprinkle flour and talcum powder on the stain , but this requires that it is still wet. All you have to do is wait for it to dry and then scrub the stain with a brush.

Personally, my first instinct is to rinse the laundry in cold water . This prevents the task from becoming fixed. You can then rub the garment with Marseille soap .

Warm milk can also work. To do this, simply dab the milk on the stain and leave it to act for about an hour before rinsing the fabric.

As a last resort to remove a wine stain, you can also use white vinegar . Mix a quarter of a glass of white vinegar, a quarter of a glass of household alcohol and half a glass of water. You will need to soak a clean cloth in this mixture, dab the wine stain with this soaked cloth, and then rinse.

Here are the five tips for cleaning a wine stain, red or not, on clothing, white or not. With this, you are normally ready to tackle all your future wine stains!

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