7 faits sur le vin pour briller en société

7 facts about wine to shine in society

1 – Wine was invented before the wheel

And yes, we can say that even at the time we had a sense of priorities! Georgia was the birthplace of viticulture in 6,000 BC. The wheel, on the other hand, did not arrive until 3,500 BC.

2 – It takes more than 200 grapes to make a bottle of wine.

It takes exactly 220 grapes to produce a bottle of wine, or 1kg. Not bad on the daily intake of fruits and vegetables, right?

3 – The fear of wine exists

…and it’s called oenophobia. Who would've believed that !

4 – Cork stoppers are 100% recyclable

Cork can be recycled indefinitely! There are even collection points that will give your corks a second life. This initiative comes from Planète Liège and we strongly invite you to take a look at their website to find out more and to find collection points near you.

5 - The action of toasting comes from the Middle Ages

At that time, poisonings were common and as a sign of mutual trust, drinkers knocked their glasses together to exchange some of their contents.

6 – France is neither the leading producer nor the leading consumer of wine

The prize for the leading wine producer goes to Italy, while that of the largest consumer goes to the United States... France comes just after with more than 3.5 billion bottles consumed in 2019, which is already Not bad !

7 – Burgundy has more wine appellations than all of Spain

France, and particularly Burgundy, is known for its micro-terroirs. And with these 100 AOPs (Protected Designations of Origin), Burgundy has more appellations than Spain, even though it is the third largest producer of wine in the world.

Ready to shine in society now?!

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